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At Distrihogar we have our own laboratory to guarantee that our customers receive the best product. There, the textiles are subjected to different analyses in which properties such as touch, color, appearance, among others, are evaluated.

Percale Fabrics

<p>60% Cotton</p>

Satin Fabrics

<p>60% Cotton</p>

Fabrics 400 Threads

<p>100% Egyptian Cotton</p>

How do we become certified?

The bed is the centerpiece of the room.

When we travel, whether for business or pleasure, bedtime is perhaps one of the most missed moments. This is precisely where the difference can be made.

A bed should be made up with the necessary elements for the night offering guests a memorable experience. In addition to ensuring the comfort of the bed, as a hotel industry it is of vital importance to optimize the resources of the operation, including textiles to ensure good profitability.

We want to share with you the compilation of the careful process that we develop in Distrihogar; from the selection of our textile bases, the quality control, the manufacturing and other interventions that give proof of our promise: 120 washes while maintaining maximum comfort and minimum wear and tear lasting much longer and at a lower monthly cost.

How we are certified


In order to obtain our certification of durability in hotel fabrics through industrial laundering, which is proof of our promise: 120 washes preserving the maximum comfort and with the least wear and tear, lasting much longer and at a lower monthly cost, we had to implement the following process:

We make
standardized samples


We request fabrics from the raw material area:
from 180H Polyester and cotton blend to 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, to make identical samples of each textile base.




Certified cycles
professional washing system:


Each sample is systematically subjected to professional washing to ensure the fidelity of the measurement and is certified by an external supplier.

Quality Review


Finally, each sample of each textile base is compared with the original sample to simultaneously compare the possible wear of 0 washes against 20, 80 and 120 washes.

Distrihogar, as a textile manufacturer, provides washing and care instructions, and the laundry complies with them. It should be noted that the durability of the garment also plays a role in the

The business that buys the clothes is preponderant; because it depends on the handling and care given by its collaborators in its facilities in the tasks of collection, transportation, classification, storage and distribution in the areas of use.

In this good management is involved the guest who is the one who finally uses the linen and a bad use could end the useful life of these garments.